The traditional Indian Schools used to treat all students alike. We at LESSONS genuinely believe that every student is unique. He/she has their own set of skills, grasping power, learning pace and potential. In this line, we offer this course to ensure that the Student gets undivided individual attention. Our in home tutoring classes give a respite from classroom distractions and help student gain proper lessons in a calm and peaceful environment at home. This course is highly customized as per the student’s level of subject knowledge and weak study areas.

The course include:

  1. Tailored Lecture sessions as per the agreement
  2. A test /retest ( if necessary) after completion of every study unit with detailed assessments.
  3. Customized notes and study material.
  4. Regular interaction sessions with parents

We offer following tailored in home tutoring courses:

  1. Monthly course ( minimum 20 days a week)
  2. Class on call course ( hourly basis, subject to the availability of slots and faculties)
  3. Summer course ( subject completion specific)
  4. Home batch course ( multiple students; value for money course)
  5. Weekend value course (weekend course on special subjects and weak study areas)