We understand that choosing to pursue a career stream in commerce is a big decision. We are delighted that you have selected LESSONS for assistance in academics. To ensure that we live up to the expected levels of numerous such parents who have manifested in us their boundless faith, we have incorporated a system. We strongly encourage a strict adherence to the same for the best results we can deliver teaming up with parents and students. We believe that cooperation and teamwork can work wonders even for the average students and produce miraculous results.

Some important aspects in regard to our system :

  1. Every Class; A Doubt Class :

Regular studies and revisions are a key to excellence in performance. Students therefore should revise their lessons every day . This will help them locate their doubts the very day the lesson is taught. They are required to bring their doubts in the very succeeding class. We begin our classes with a small doubt session. Thus every lecture class is also a doubt class. If the doubts don’t come up the next day ,we assume that they don’t exist. Nothing in the same respect will thus be entertained in the next class, since every class is pre-planned.

  1. Assessments; a test after a lesson completion day, keeps all worries away:

Assessment is an integral part of the learning process as it gauges the consistent progress made by the student throughout the academic session . We conduct a test after completion of the planned part of lecture. This is done to gauge the student’s understanding and his hold on expressions and language aspects of answer writing. Missing out on test sessions directly affect the performance of the students. Please consider these assessments seriously and avoid absenteeism for the betterment of your ward. Tests once missed are missed for ever. We don’t do retakes.

  1. Doubt remedial sessions; Second chances don’t often knock your door twice.

We believe everyone deserves a second chance. Our doubt remedial sessions serve a silver lining in the dark cloud for students who get to miss with some part of their regular studies and hence doubt remedial. We offer a fixed number of doubt remedial classes. These are the lender of last resorts for the students. No doubts are entertained post to doubt remedial sessions.

  1. Back up Classes; a bane not boon:

We believe backup classes do more harm than good. These classes instill a false sense of security as the student is given to understand that there are always more classes in offering in respect to the reported study area. Consequently, the former may choose to not be attentive to the required level. This attitude is highly detrimental to the otherwise expected mindset of pupil which should be progressive and growth oriented. No backups are thus offered. Though we do consider certain special cases in this regard. Backup classes anyway are extended at the sole discretion of the faculty. Also they may be subject to extra tuition fee depending on the case.

  1. Parents meet; together we can, together we will:

Not only do we want our students to chase their goals- crush them, but also that they develop healthy study habits and a respect for learning. We always need parents to cooperate and team up with us in the process. We believe quality tutoring is not just delivering result oriented lessons but also keeping a track on the pupil’s line of performance. We always like to discuss the test results and the areas where the pupil needs improvisation. We conduct parents meet from time to time for the purpose. Parents are required to attend these on a mandatory basis.